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superior audio correction

What is RE|NOVATE™? 



RE|NOVATE™ is an innovative, proprietary process for rescuing bad speech recordings. Unlike other processes and tools, RE|NOVATE™ goes beyond just restoring audio quality, and can actually improve poor reads, correcmistakes, match pickups to existing recordings, and adjust inflections. 

More than just noise reduction.


With RE|NOVATE™, it becomes possible to adjust speech patterns without changing the noise or ambience of the original recording. Or it can reduce noise, ambience, reflections, and distance, without changing the speech patterns and tone of the original recording. Or it can handle a combination of the two, with varying degrees of each. RE|NOVATE™ changes only what you want changed, and it happens seamlessly and transparently. It is the evolution of recorded speech restoration.

Freedom and confidence.

A change in scenery can be daunting for a busy voice actor. Whether it's an improvement, like a move to a new location, equipment upgrades, or a new booth, or a simple vacation, matching existing audio from previous sessions has always been a challenge. Improvements don't always feel like a good thing, when you're not able to provide a suitable match for an old session. And it can be tough to enjoy a vacation, if you know you're delaying an update, because you can't match the sound expected by the buyer. RE|NOVATE™ can, in many cases, provide a competent match, providing a layer of confidence for voice actors. Whether you're enjoying a new booth, or time on a boat, spend more time enjoying, and less time worrying.

Protection for voice actors.

It seems like there could be some serious risk involved here, right? To be clear, RE|NOVATE™ does NOT generate words that haven’t already been recorded. It can clarify poorly articulated words, it can adjust inflections, and it can match poorly recorded audio to properly recorded audio. It cannot, and will not, be used to circumvent a session fee for any voice actor. All individuals, groups, and organizations attempting this practice will be reported to the voice actor and/or the voice actor’s agent, and potentially NAVA, SAG-AFTRA, and other talent advocates. As an additional protection, recordings and materials will be stored on a secure server for 30 days, after which they will be permanently purged. If further security is necessary, a variety of supplementary safeguards are available upon request, for a nominal fee.


It's impossible to promise success under every circumstance. If RE|NOVATE™ cannot meet your expectations, you will not be charged for the service, guaranteed. It's as simple as that. If you cannot use the final product to solve your dilemma, you don't pay for it. Hearing is believing. Listen to samples below to hear, for yourself, how RE|NOVATE™ might be able to solve a problem for you.



use tabs to navigate samples

00:00 / 00:21

This is a test sample, to demonstrate a somewhat exaggerated version of a very common request: matching a poorly-recorded pickup to original quality audio. The dates, price, and website were recorded incorrectly. Click the pickup tab for more.


use tabs to navigate samples

00:00 / 00:30

In this client-recorded sample, no change was made to the quality of the audio. The tone of the equipment, room, processing, and recording were preserved. However, some words were unclear, and some inflections could be improved. Click the RE|NOVATE™ tab for more.


use tabs to navigate samples

00:00 / 00:16

This client-recorded sample is focused entirely on the restoration process. Inflection and delivery needed to be preserved as much as possible, but the client needed to sound like he had been in the studio to record. Click the RE|NOVATE™ tab for more.


Thanks for your interest in RE|NOVATE™. I'll get back with you ASAP.


Why would someone use this service? Because sometimes it’s impossible to get the recording right. I’ve used it with everyone from local clients voicing their own spots, who simply don’t have strong delivery skills, to celebrities who only had time for one imperfect take, to pickup lines for voice actors who only had their phone available to voice an important update.

How much does it cost? $150 per clip, up to :60 seconds. You can think of a "clip" as one voice in one project, like a commercial or narration. A :60 second commercial with one voice, for instance, is considered one clip, whether a single correction is needed, or 20 corrections are needed. For clips with multiple voices needing correction, or clips longer than :60 seconds, please contact me for custom pricing and expected turnaround times.

I’m a voice actor. Can this be used to help perfect my auditions? That’s a hard “NO” from me. Yes, it’s technically capable of being used in that way, but that would be unethical for the recipient. Also, you’re a voice actor. Act.

I recorded a project a year ago. The client wants to change one line, but I’ve moved and upgraded my equipment, and it sounds totally different. Can you make it match? Yes. As long as you can provide me with the original audio, I can usually match it.

Does it make voices sound robotic? No, unless that’s something you’re trying to achieve. The voice is the voice. RE|NOVATE™ does not simply replace the voice with something that sounds similar — it IS the voice.

Is this AI? Kind of. Machine learning and neural network processing both exist as part of the proprietary RE|NOVATE™ analysis and correction tools. However, this is not an automated AI process. It is a manual, human-based approach, which preserves the majority of the original performance and inflection, seamlessly, while correcting or minimizing unwanted errors. In addition to machine learning and neural network processing, a number of more traditional tools and approaches are also used. You can think of it like photoshop for audio. We’ve had photoshop-like capabilities in audio for a long time; RE|NOVATE™ just goes a step further than previously available methods.

How long does it take? The actual process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to about 3 hours for a :60 second file. Turnaround time depends on a number of factors, but I’ll do my best to work within your preferred timeframe. Typically, this would be within 72 hours, and often within 24 hours.

Can you tell me how I can do it myself? I’m afraid not. It’s kinda like the colonel’s secret recipe. Even my assistants and close colleagues are not privy to the process. What I can tell you, is that it’s a bit like matching paint colors. It’s not just about the paints, pigments, measurement, and mixing tools; it’s about those things, plus the knowledge and experience to make a perfect match for the color and sheen, as well as the ability and patience to apply it in such a way that even the keenest ear will struggle to spot the alteration.

Can you use it for a bad music recording? While I’m confident I could adjust the process and technology to work with music, I have no plans to do this. RE|NOVATE™ was designed specifically for spoken-word.

What if I’m unsatisfied with the result? If I’m unable to make a seamless, perfect correction, it’s unlikely you’ll even have the chance to be unhappy, because I’ll tell you I was unable to do it. But whether it doesn’t meet my standards, or it doesn’t meet your standards, you will not be charged for a flawed result. The price you pay is for the result, not the effort.

What if the audio is under an NDA? Non-disclosure agreements are common, so occasionally running into an NDA is to be expected. For agencies and production houses, I’m happy to sign and adhere to your standard NDA, for a small processing fee. For voice actors, please alert me of your NDA before sending any audio, so we may discuss options to ensure your legal protection. As standard practice, an NDA is always assumed and all audio will be treated as if it is under NDA, regardless of the existence of a legal agreement. You can expect confidentiality from me, as a matter of course. But that can be augmented with a legal agreement, as you see fit.

Does my voice end up in some database somewhere? Absolutely not. Unless otherwise requested, materials are stored on a secure server for 30 days, then destroyed. Only I have access to your audio files. They are not shared with anyone, even my trusted partners, assistants, or subcontractors. Of course, the risk of hacking and cybercrime is never zero. Supplementary security protections are available for especially sensitive requests, for a small fee.

Do I even really still need a studio? Um, yes. As impressive as the results may be, there's nothing like the real thing.

Can it fix telephone line recordings? A recording from a phone app is fine, but a recording from the receiving end of a phone call does not produce good results. It can sometimes somewhat improve the sound and intelligibility of a recording done this way, or recorded with a very low sample rate or mp3 bitrate, but the result is far from broadcast-ready. I hope to be able to change this in the future, but as of right now, RE|NOVATE™ is not recommended for this purpose.

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