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This is where you can begin to take your audio to the next level. I offer a variety of products and services for professional voice actors, aspiring professional voice actors, voice coaches, and audio professionals. My intention is, and always has been, to keep industry quality high, so we can all win our own slice of the pie. Some of these resources are totally free. All I ask in return, is that you pay it forward in your own way. Please make an opportunity to support your fellow voice actors, coaches, and other industry professionals, who strive to maintain quality and integrity.


Thank you for your submission. I'll be in touch, usually within 48 hours.


Not surprisingly, this FREE service is my most popular. Yep, it's totally free. You're not signing up for a marketing list, there's no bait-and-switch, no hidden fees, and you won't start getting a bunch of spam in your inbox. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or a total beginner, it's free.

Bad way to do business, right? Maybe, but it's good for the business. Fill out the evaluation form, and I'll contact you for samples. Then, we'll discuss steps you can take to make improvements. Often, it's as simple as moving your mic to a new position, or just picking up a new cable. Did I mention this one is free?

Since it's free, please be patient with my response times. For obvious reasons, I must prioritize paying projects. I typically respond to evaluation requests within 48 hours.


TECHNICAL SUPPORT ($400/hour, 15 minute blocks)

Before contacting me for tech support, please begin with available free methods. If you've purchased from Sweetwater, their team will provide support, at no cost. If that isn't an option, google the problem. Check forums and discussion sites. Next, you can try the manufacturer of your equipment or the developer of your software. If all else fails, reach out to me. You only pay if I solve the problem, guaranteed.



Quality processing can provide a competitive advantage. I'll design custom audio processing for your unique voice, equipment, and space. This can be done with any DAW or complete plugin suite, but I highly recommend iZotope's Nectar, especially if you're working with me. I feel so strongly about Nectar, I will help you find the best deal, and I'll provide three presets/stacks for the price of one. I may also suggest additional software, for best results. These are not necessary, but they're advantageous. Use the submission form on this page to get started and find out more.

Pro Tools.png

PRODUCTION SERVICES (Starting at $200/hour)

If you're an actor with limited technical skills and limited time, what do you do when a client asks you for a fully-produced product? You contact me. I will edit, mix, license sound effects and music, master to spec, and more. On your timeframe. You handle the VO, I'll handle the rest. I can work directly with your client, or they don't have to know I'm involved at all. You can be confident you're delivering a top-quality product that will exceed your clients' expectations.

ON-SITE STUDIO SERVICES (Starting at $1,500/day)

Some things are just better in-person. For the most serious tasks, I'm available to come directly to your studio, anywhere in the US. Whatever your goal, I will partner with pro audio retailers, architects, designers, contractors, acousticians, and anyone else who can contribute to the goal of providing you with white-glove, top-shelf service. Perfection is attainable. If you're interested in learning more about ultra-premium services, please contact me to discuss how it can work for you and your dreams.

VO Studio Companion: The Home Voiceover Recording Instruction Manual

My book, VO Studio Companion: The Home Voiceover Recording Instruction Manual is available for Kindle or in paperback. This popular guide carries you through each part of your home studio, with highly detailed, yet easy-to-swallow information. From acoustics, to microphones and technique, to processing and delivery, VO Studio Companion is a reference for voice actors working at all levels. It also includes a helpful glossary, with all common voiceover related terms. I've been told the glossary and EQ chart, alone, are worth the price. If you have interest in learning more about the gear and technology you use every day, this is the place to start!

Voiceover Technical Reference Desk Mat

This clever desk mat serves three purposes. The large 31.5 by 15.5 inch neoprene surface is acoustically non-reflective, making it a perfect size and material for desktops in recording areas. Functionally, it reduces high frequency reflections and resonances commonly associated with flat desktop surfaces.

Next, it provides a helpful reference for common technical audio topics. You'll find an EQ guide, audiobook spec reference, common file attributes, and a whole lot more. 

Finally, it is not only a mousepad, but also a keyboard pad, helping to keep your mouse and keyboard stable and clean. And it looks cool, too.

Voiceover Technical Reference Mousepad

This mousepad is available in two standard sizes: 9.5 x 8 in, and 14.5 x 12.12 in. It offers a condensed, limited version of the same information found n the full-sized desk mat, for spaces that cannot accommodate the larger mat, or where greater coverage is unwanted. It may be the baby sibling of the Reflection-Free Desk Mat, but it still looks cool. 

Nancy Wolfson, Braintracks Audio Voiceover Coaching

Coaches just don't get any better than Nancy Wolfson at Braintracks Audio. She's immensely smart and talented, and her methods have a proven track record of turning good performers, into great performers. I am proud to know her, and to recommend her services.

Eric Romnowski, Ear Blowing Audio Productions

If you've spent any time listening to voiceover demos from other talent, you've likely heard the work of Eric Romanowski and Ear Blowing Audio Productions. The ones you thought sounded the best? They were probably produced by Eric. His production style is top-notch, but it's his working style that really sets him apart from the crowd.

Sweetwater - Music Instruments & Pro Audio

It's sort of common knowledge, but in case you didn't know, I used to work for Sweetwater. I worked in both their sales, and tech support areas for about four years. During my time there, I learned what it's really like behind the scenes. At every step, in every department, Sweetwater places tremendous value on customer service. That isn't just words, that's the truth. With a free extended warranty on almost every product, free tech support for life, and employees who actually know what they're talking about, you really cant go wrong. I recommend Sweetwater for all of your gear purchases.


NAVA is a non-profit association created to advocate and promote the advancement of the voice acting industry through action, education, inclusion, and benefits." That's according to their website. According to me, NAVA plays an incredibly important role in protecting voice actors at all skill levels. They are leading the way , with an inclusive approach unmatched by any other organization. Even as a nonmember, you'll find invaluable resources to help with protection and career growth. 

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