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DAW Matters: Does the DAW Matter?

I’m using Audacity. Some people say it isn’t good enough, some say it’s fine. What say you? Jason



You get a gold star for bringing me an easy one. With correct settings, all mainstream DAWs record the same quality. The digital technical quality is determined by your ADC, which is a component of your interface. That means, the quality is determined before it ever reaches your DAW. By the time it gets to the DAW, it’s just ones and zeros. From there, it’s just math; either it’s right or it’s wrong.

It’s important to note, when it comes to processing, like EQ, compression, and noise reduction, the similarities stop. These things can sound very different, from one DAW to the next.

Even more importantly, different DAWs have different styles and workflows. Audacity records fine. But you may find other DAWs offer a more efficient workflow. Use what you enjoy using.




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